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FERMENTED FRIENDS - 200ml x 3 pack

FERMENTED FRIENDS - 200ml x 3 pack

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1.    Fermented Turmeric Salsa – The base of this number is another of my perennial ferments. 8 year old fermented turmeric, daikon, ginger + hakurei turnips. This ʻpasteʼ lives in a beautiful 130 litre crock, is vibrant and zesty and lends itself to all manner of applications. It is also my main perennial pickle bed whereby I submerge whole vegetables in, wait a week or two, then pluck them out as fully fermented delicious pickles (*see Sandor Katzʼs Fermentation Journeys for more on this). With this particular concoction Iʼve blended it with a little master brine and quince vinegar to stabalise. Itʼs particularly good with seafood, made into dressings (by blending with a good olive oil) or drizzled onto vegetables or salads.  Also makes an excellent addition to yellow curries.  

Ingredients – wild fermented; turmeric, daikon, hakurei and ginger, master brine, spring water, sea salt, raw quince vinegar. 

      2.  Dill Pickle Salsa – A fun play on one of the world’s great pickles. Organically  grown Tasmanian pickling gherkins (thanks Felds Farm and Broom and Brine) fermented whole for 3 months in a bay leaf and black pepper brine. The aromats are then removed and the pickles are blended with last years organic gooseberry + cardamom boshi plus the addition of fresh mint, parsley and tarragon from my garden. The spice and the fresh herbs brighten the acidity

A wonderful base for dressings (mixed with a good olive oil), as a condiment for seafood / oysters or even spread on your sandwich. Also recently froze some into a salty sour pickly granita which was deliciously refreshing. Mix through thick yoghurt for a complex raita of sorts, brush sparingly on roasted meats or mix with olive for a delicious dipping sauce or dressing. Also oysters. 

Ingredients – wild fermented organic gherkins, organic gooseberries, spring water (kunanyi), dill, parsley, tarragon, mint, oolong kombucha vinegar, sea salt, cardamon.

3.      Fermented Borscht – Currently in its 8th year, this condiment is an ode to my time living in Moscow as a teenager where borscht was a stable. This is another perennial ferment constantly evolving and changing with the seasons. When a portion is removed from the crock it is replenished with what’s organic and in season. The base is all organic beetroot, hakurei turnip with additions of carrot, celery, radish, bay leaf, cumin, nigella and caraway and its been finished with an elderberry and red wine vinegar (to stabilise) .Earthy, vibrant, piquant (and very purple), it’s great brushed on grilled meats or vegetables, stirred through yoghurt, brushed on a sandwich or added (sparingly) to soups or braises. Particularly good to ‘finish’ a borscht w a dollop of smetana (soured cream).

Ingredients – organic + wild fermented; beetroot, hakurei, carrot, celery, radish, spring water, elderberry + red wine vinegar, bay leaf, sea salt, cumin, nigella, caraway.


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