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Rough Rice

FIRE TIGER - 500ml / 200ml

FIRE TIGER - 500ml / 200ml

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My go to health tonic and without fail I start every day with a shot. This concoction combines; fermented turmeric (organically grown by my mate Jono in Natural Bridge), hakurei fermented with ginger, 10 year ‘mothership’ chilli, master ‘pao cai’ brine (also in its 10th year), raw apple cider vinegar and spices. All components are fermented separately then blended, then further aged for 3-6 months. By fermenting the turmeric it vastly increases the bioavailability of the curcumin. Take a shot (or more) a day to promote gut health / happy biome, keep your immune system in check, aid digestion and as an anti-inflammatory. Also makes a punchy and acidic salsa, great w oysters / ceviche. Be like tiger.

Ingredients – wild fermented (turmeric, daikon, hakurei, ginger), master brine, raw apple cider vinegar, spices. 

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