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Rough Rice



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      ‘Mothership’ Hot Sauce – So this picante is 3572 days at the time of writing (03/05). What started as a simple fermented chilli is now a ʻperennial fermentʼ whereby it gets added to and taken from throughout the year. Constantly evolving she is now made up of an array of 30 + varieties of local organic fruit + vegetables, a plethora of herbs, plus gets an annual boost of local rocoto and serrano chillies. Water comes from kunanyi, sea salt from the east coast and there’s a little apple cider vinegar to stabalise. Sheʼs the inoculant and the base note bringing depth, complexity and spice. Plan is to keep her going for as long as Iʼm around and hopefully beyond. It has moderate heat and layer upon layer of complexity built from the diversity of ingredients and the age of the ferment. I use her on everything; from rice and tacos to eggs and oysters. I also use it as the starter for pretty much every wild ferment I make.  

      Ingredients – wild fermented; chilli (6 x varieties), organic seasonal fruits, vegetables + herbs (x 30+), spring water, raw apple vinegar, sea salt.

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