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PURE ANGASI OYSTER (powder) - 30g

PURE ANGASI OYSTER (powder) - 30g

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Pure unadulterated 100% angasi oyster powder. Angasi are the indigenous oysters of lutruwita and have the highest levels of zinc derived from any natural food. Freeze drying harnesses the goodness (retaining 97% of nutrition). Having sufficient zinc in your diet leads to improved blood flow (hello libido), boosted immune system, lasting benefits treating skin conditions like eczema / psoriasis, and wound healing. This powder is also packed with Omega 3’s, selenium, Vitamin B12, copper and manganese. As it is straight (uncut) it is quite minerally and saline, I choose to blend it other ingredients to make broths (see dashi) or sprinkled over dishes. Can also be transferred to ‘caps’ for easy consumption. 


Ingredients – 100% angasi oyster (freeze dried)

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