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Rough Rice

VITALITY BROTH (powder) - 32g - 8 serves

VITALITY BROTH (powder) - 32g - 8 serves

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Like a big warm hug in a cup. Fermented organic turmeric (grown by friend Jono in Natural Bridge), dried cygnet shiitake, freeze dried (invasive) bruny island wakame, hemp protein, fermented and freeze dried ‘mothership’ chilli, preserved organic lemon and tasman sea salt. Drink daily to promote gut health / happy biome, keep your immune system in check, aid digestion and as an anti-inflammatory. Perfect for hiking, warming up or as a night cap. One teaspoon (4 grams) makes 120ml broth.

Ingredients – fermented turmeric, shiitake, hemp protein, wakame, ‘mothership’ (fermented organic chilli, fruits, vegetables and herbs x 30+), sea salt, yeast, preserved lemon.

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